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In addition to the metaphysical aspects of alignment, we can grant bonuses and penalties based on the clash of characters' outlooks, and based on their reputations. Use these rules when your game involves in-depth social interactions.


Your moral and ethical outlook makes a difference to your understanding of others.

It is easier to understand creatures and people who are similarly aligned to you.

  • You gain a +1 alignment bonus to Sense motive checks against targets with any shared alignment axis.

It is hard to understand people and creatures that are utterly opposed to your way of thinking.

  • You take a -1 alignment penalty to Sense motive checks against targets with an alignment on the opposed alignment axis.

The GM applies these bonuses secretly, without revealing the alignments of NPCs.


Heroes become more well-known as they achieve memorable actions - this is reflected by an increasing reputation bonus.

  • Your reputation bonus is equal to 1/2 your level (rounding down, to a minimum of 0).

Additional reputation bonus rewards may be granted by the GM. Characters doing conspicuous deeds may gain increased reputation. Generally, such reputation bonuses should be no more than +1 / level.

The reputation bonus sets the level of fame for your character. If NPCs have heard of you, then you gain modifiers to certain charisma-based checks, depending on your alignment. A successful check means that your reputation modifier is applied to certain social skill checks.

To determine whether any particular NPC has heard of a character with a reputation score, make a reputation check, DC15.

  • A reputation check is 1d20 + reputation score + NPC's INT modifier

The GM may substitute a Knowledge skill bonus for the Int modifier if he decides the character’s past activities apply to a particular field. For example, if the character were an ordained priest, Knowledge (religion) might be appropriate.

Reputation acts as a penalty to Disguise checks.

Applying reputation

Your reputation modifier is applied differently depending on your alignment.

All alignments gain their reputation score as a reputation bonus to Diplomacy checks with targets having the exact same alignment. Reputation bonuses stack.

  • Good alignments grant a reputation bonus to Diplomacy.
  • Evil alignments grant a reputation bonus to Intimidate.
  • Chaotic alignments grant a reputation bonus to Intimidate.
  • Lawful alignments grant a reputation bonus to Bluff.
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