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Brainstorming discussion

This page is for half-baked ideas and discussion. Post ideas below, and append (constructive) comments to other users' ideas.

NOTE This page may be edited by anyone!


Retraining from NPC classes to heroic classes requires as much XP as gaining the next level. Adopt all features of the new class, except as follows:

  • Option to swap feats or retain old feats. If the new class has less feats than the old one, then select feats to forget.
  • Option to swap class skills, or retain old ones. If the new class has less class skills than the old one, select which skills are no longer class skills (and lose the +3 ranks).

Untrained skills

Skills marked as “trained only” can be attempted at -5 to the skill check. Done

Combat v2

Taking cues from 5e:

  • Weapon finesse: Delete the feat - all finessable weapons are wielded with best of DEX or STR
  • Withdraw: as a standard action
  • Split moves: attacks and other standard actions may be taken as part of a move action, at any point during the movement

New ideas:

  • Wound points vulnerability: Flat-footed targets take damage to WP (Ref DC 10 + BAB of attacker save to avoid). Sneak attack damages reduced to match Weapon Skill etc, but applied direct to WP.
  • Hold it right there: catch someone flat-footed, and hold them at weapon point against some condition that you set (a hostile move, calling out, etc) - target remains flat-footed until your condition is triggered, your action interrupts theirs (free actions take place before your triggered action).
  • Combat reflexes: Delete the feat - everyone gets their BAB in Attacks of opportunity, up to their DEX bonus (minimum of 1).

UPDATE 2015-09-09, NEW new ideas:

  • Harder ranged attacks, bigger damage: You can “weave” as part of any short action, and gain a +4 dodge bonus to Defence against ranged attacks. Weaving costs 10ft of movement. Precise shot feat provides +2 to shoot into melee or at weaving targets (instead of “negating penalty”).
  • Increase the damage dice of projectile weapons by 2 steps: 1d4 (sling) become 1d8, 1d6 (shortbow) becomes 1d10, 1d8 (longbow) becomes 1d12, 1d10 (heavy crossbow) becomes 2d6.
  • On average, damage is similar - hit less often, deal more damage.
  • Attempting a projectile attack provokes an opportunity CHARGE DOWN from opponents with ready melee weapons within 10ft for 1-handed projectile weapons, or 20ft for 2-handed projectile weapons. The charge down does not interrupt the initial projectile attack, but takes place before any multi-attacks. Adds vulnerability to ranged. Point blank shot feat halves these distances.

Updates required:

  • Combat
  • Equipment
  • Classes
  • Derived details

Feats v2

Equalising feats: - there is a lot of disparity between feats: some are far better than others.


  • reduce number of feats that rely on other feats as pre-reqs, easing access.
  • merge trees into base feats with scaling where possible
  • level out bonuses: +2 bonus where bonus is always applicable, +4 bonus where circumstantial

New feat list created!

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