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The story doesn't need to stop at 6th level!

This section includes rules for play beyond 6th level, as well as advanced optional rules.

Beyond 6th level

Although characters stop advancing in levels when they reach 6th level, they may continue to gain experience. This experience can be used after 6th level to gain Feats.

Feats beyond 6th level cost 10 000 XP.

Words of Power

Innovative casters can learn to manipulate the very words of power themselves, formulating their own spells from the building blocks of magic.

Words of Power are are described in their own section.

Custom Classes

Heroes need not be limited to the nine class roles outlined in the Classes section - using the rules for Feats, you can create any Adventurer, Caster or Warrior you can imagine.

Custom Classes are outlined in this section.

Alignment and Reputation

The morals and ethics of heroes and villains can have a real effect on the world around them - their reputation and social interactions are all coloured by their actions as their fame grows.

Alignments and Reputation are detailed in this section.

Followers and henchfolk

Followers are detailed in this section.

Mass Combat and Dominions

Rising to ruling over armies and dominions, the hero transcends mere personal power.

Mass Combat is described in this section. Small Squads of troops are handled by these optional rules.

The rules for Dominions are given in this section.

Massive Monsters

Monsters beyond the merely huge are detailed in these rules.

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