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A - M

AGILE MANOEUVRES - You've learned to use your quickness in place of brute force when performing combat manoeuvres.

ARCANE STRIKE - You draw upon your arcane power to enhance your weapons with magical energy.

BLEEDING ATTACK (ROGUISH TALENT) - Your precise attacks open veins.

BLIND FIGHT - You are skilled at attacking opponents that you cannot clearly perceive.

CATCH OFF GUARD - Foes are surprised by your skilled use of unorthodox and improvised weapons.

CLEAVE - You can strike two adjacent foes with a single swing.

COMBAT EXPERTISE - You can increase your defence at the expense of your accuracy.

COMBAT REFLEXES - You can make additional attacks of opportunity.

CRIPPLING STRIKE (ROGUISH TALENT) - Your precise attacks can cripple your targets.

CRITICAL FOCUS - You are trained in the art of causing pain.

DAMAGE REDUCTION - You are tougher than most.

DEFENSIVE COMBAT TRAINING - You excel at defending yourself from all manner of combat manoeuvres.

DEFLECT ARROWS - You can knock arrows and other projectiles off course, preventing them from hitting you.

DIEHARD - You are especially hard to kill. You may remain conscious when wounds would lay you low.

DISRUPTIVE - Your training makes it difficult for enemy casters to safely cast spells near you.

DISTRACTION (ROGUISH TALENT) - You can confuse enemies, putting them off guard.

DODGE (ROGUISH TALENT) - Your training and reflexes allow you to react swiftly to avoid an opponents' attacks.

EVASION (ROGUISH TALENT) - Your quick reflexes can get you completely out of harms way.

EXTRA RAGE - You can use your rage ability more than normal.

FAR SHOT - You are more accurate at longer ranges.

FAVOURED ENEMY - You are adept at the hunting and slaying of a chosen foe.

GORGON'S FIST - With one well-placed blow, you leave your target reeling.

GREAT FORTITUDE - You are resistant to poisons, diseases, and other maladies.

GREATER DAMAGE REDUCTION - You are the toughest of heroes.

GREATER SHIELD FOCUS - You are skilled at deflecting blows with your shield.

GREATER SNEAK ATTACK - Your surprise attacks have the deadliest precision.

IMPROVED BULL RUSH - You are skilled at pushing your foes around.

IMPROVED CRITICAL - Attacks made with your chosen weapon are quite deadly.

IMPROVED DAMAGE REDUCTION - You are exceptionally tough.

IMPROVED DISARM - You are skilled at knocking weapons from a foe's grasp.

IMPROVED DODGE - You cannot be flanked.

IMPROVED EVASION (ROGUISH TALENT) - Your increasingly quick reflexes always get you at least part way out of trouble.

IMPROVED FAVOURED ENEMY - Your skill at hunting your chosen foe increases.

IMPROVED FEINT - You are skilled at fooling your opponents in combat.

IMPROVED GRAPPLE - You are skilled at grappling opponents.

IMPROVED GREAT FORTITUDE - You can draw upon an inner reserve to resist diseases, poisons, and other grievous harm.

IMPROVED INITIATIVE - Your quick reflexes allow you to react rapidly to danger.

IMPROVED IRON WILL - Your clarity of thought allows you to resist mental attacks.

IMPROVED LIGHTNING REFLEXES - You have a knack for avoiding danger all around you.

IMPROVED OVERRUN - You are skilled at running down your foes.

IMPROVED PRECISE SHOT - Your ranged attacks ignore anything but total concealment and cover.

IMPROVED SHIELD BASH - You can protect yourself with your shield, even if you use it to attack.

IMPROVED SNEAK ATTACK - Your surprise attacks are increasingly deadly.

IMPROVED SUNDER - You are skilled at damaging your foes' weapons and armour.

IMPROVED TRIP - You are skilled at sending your opponents to the ground.

IMPROVED TWO WEAPON FIGHTING - You are skilled at fighting with two weapons.

IMPROVED UNARMED STRIKE - You are skilled at fighting while unarmed.

IMPROVISED WEAPON MASTERY - You can turn nearly any object into a deadly weapon, from a razor-sharp chair leg to a sack of flour.

IRON WILL - You are more resistant to mental effects.

LIGHTNING REFLEXES - You have faster reflexes than normal.

LUNGE - You can strike foes that would normally be out of reach.

M - Z

MOBILITY - You can easily move through a dangerous melee.

MOUNTED ARCHERY - You are skilled at making ranged attacks while mounted.

MOUNTED COMBAT - You are adept at guiding your mount through combat.

OPPORTUNIST (ROGUISH TALENT) - You take advantage of other’s misfortune.

PENETRATING STRIKE - Your attacks are capable of penetrating the defences of some creatures. Choose one type of weapon that you have already selected for Weapon Focus.

POINT BLANK SHOT - You are especially accurate when making ranged attacks against close targets.

POWER ATTACK - You can make exceptionally deadly melee attacks by sacrificing accuracy for strength.

PRECISE SHOT - You are adept at firing ranged attacks into melee.

QUARRY - You can truly focus on the hunting of your target.

QUICK DRAW - You can draw weapons faster than most.

RAGE - Your focused anger makes you stronger.

RAPID RELOAD - You can reload crossbows quickly.

RAPID SHOT - You can make an additional ranged attack.

RIDE BY ATTACK - While mounted and charging, you can move, strike at a foe, and then continue moving.

SHATTER DEFENCES - Your skill with your chosen weapon leaves opponents unable to defend themselves if you strike them when their defences are already compromised.

SHIELD FOCUS - You are skilled at deflecting blows with your shield.

SHIELD PROFICIENCY - You are trained in how to properly use a shield.

SHIELD SLAM - In the right position, your shield can be used to send opponents flying.

SHORT HAFT STYLE - You can swap your grip on your reach weapon without penalty.

SHOT ON THE RUN - You can move, fire a ranged weapon, and move again before your foes can react.

SIMPLE WEAPON PROFICIENCY - You are trained in the use of basic weapons.

SNATCH ARROWS - Instead of knocking an arrow or ranged attack aside, you can catch it in mid-flight.

SNEAK ATTACK - You can use surprise to deliver precise and deadly attacks.

SPIRITED CHARGE - Your mounted charge attacks deal a tremendous amount of damage.

SPRING ATTACK - You can deftly move up to a foe, strike, and withdraw before he can react.

STAND STILL - You can stop foes that try to move past you.

STEP UP - You can close the distance when a foe tries to move away.

STRIKE BACK - You can strike at foes that attack you using their superior reach, by targeting their limbs or weapons as they come at you.

STUNNING FIST - You know just where to strike to temporarily stun a foe.

THROW ANYTHING - You are used to throwing things you have on hand.

TOUGHNESS - You have enhanced physical stamina.

TRAMPLE - While mounted, you can ride down opponents and trample them under your mount.

TWO WEAPON DEFENCE - You are skilled at defending yourself while dual-wielding.

TWO WEAPON FIGHTING - You can fight with a weapon wielded in each of your hands. You can make one extra attack each round with the secondary weapon.

UNSEAT - You are skilled at unseating your mounted opponents.

WEAPON FINESSE - You are trained in using your agility in melee combat, as opposed to brute strength.

WEAPON EXPERT - Your expertise with your chosen weapon type grows.

WEAPON FOCUS - You are highly trained in the use of one type of weapon.

WEAPON MASTER - You have mastered the use of a certain weapon type.

WEAPON SKILL - You are skilled in the use of a certain weapon type.

WHIRLING FRENZY - You unleash a frenzy of violence, becoming harder to hit.

WHIRLWIND ATTACK - You can strike out at every foe within reach.


ALIGNMENT CHANNEL (CHANNELLING) - Choose chaos, evil, good, or law. You can channel energy to affect outsiders that possess this subtype.

ARCANE ARMOUR TRAINING - You have learned how to cast spells while wearing armour.

COMBAT CASTING - You are adept at spellcasting when threatened or distracted.

COMMAND UNDEAD - Using foul powers of necromancy, you can command undead creatures, making them into your servants.

CRAFT LIMITED MAGIC ITEM (ITEM CREATION) - You can craft items with a store of magical power.

CRAFT PERMANENT MAGIC ITEM (ITEM CREATION) - You can craft items imbued with persistent magical properties.

DOMAIN POWER - You unlock a secret from a domain of magic and can wield its power.

EPIC MAGIC - You unlock the ultimate power of your chosen magical domain.

EXPANDED CASTER STAMINA - You can cast more spells than others.

GREATER SPELL PENETRATION - Your spells break through spell resistance much more easily than most.

IMPROVED COUNTERSPELL - You are skilled at countering the spells of others using similar spells.

IMPROVED DOMAIN POWER - Your understanding of your chosen domain reveals a new power.

IMPROVED RITUAL MAGIC - You have mastered the art of ritual magic.

REPEL UNDEAD - Calling upon higher powers, you cause undead to flee from the might of your unleashed energy.

SPELL PENETRATION - Your spells break through spell resistance more easily than most.


A - M

ABILITY ADVANCEMENT - Your training pays off, and one of your Abilities increases.

ABILITY TRAINING - You spend time honing one of your Abilities: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma.

ACROBATIC - You are skilled at leaping, jumping, and flying.

ACROBATIC STEPS - You can easily move over and through obstacles.

ALCHEMIST - You are skilled at alchemy and know what care to take when handling poisonous materials.

ALERTNESS - You often notice things that others might miss.

ANIMAL AFFINITY - You are skilled at working with animals and mounts.

ARMOUR PROFICIENCY HEAVY - You are skilled at wearing heavy armour.

ARMOUR PROFICIENCY LIGHT - You are skilled at wearing light armour.

ARMOUR PROFICIENCY MEDIUM - You are skilled at wearing medium armour.

ATHLETIC - You possess inherent physical prowess.

DECEITFUL - You are skilled at deceiving others, both with the spoken word and with physical disguises.

DEFT HANDS - You have exceptional manual dexterity.

ENDURANCE - Harsh conditions or long exertions do not easily tire you.

EXOTIC WEAPON PROFICIENCY - You are proficient in the use of an exotic weapon.

FAST STEALTH (ROGUISH TALENT) - You can combine stealth with great speed.

FAVOURED TERRAIN - You know the hazards and boons of the lands you have studied.

FLEET - You are faster than most.

INSPIRE COURAGE - You can bolster your allies' bravery.

INSPIRE COMPETENCE - You can inspire the best in your allies.

INSPIRE HEROICS - Your encouragement unlocks the inner hero.

INTIMIDATING PROWESS - Your physical might is intimidating to others.

LEDGE WALKER (ROGUISH TALENT) - You are skilled at moving quickly on narrow surfaces.

M - Z

MAGICAL APTITUDE - You are skilled at spellcasting and using magic items.

MARTIAL WEAPON PROFICIENCY - Choose a type of martial weapon. You understand how to use that type of martial weapon in combat.

MASTER CRAFTSMAN - Your superior crafting skills allow you to create simple magic items.

NIMBLE MOVES - You can move across a single obstacle with ease.

PERSUASIVE - You are skilled at swaying attitudes and intimidating others into your way of thinking.

QUICK DISABLE (ROGUISH TALENT) - You can break traps and locks faster than most.

ROGUISH CRAWL (ROGUISH TALENT) - You can roll and crawl on the ground with unusual agility.

RUN - You are swift of foot.

SELF SUFFICIENT - You know how to get along in the wild and how to effectively treat wounds.

SKILL ADVANCEMENT - Your experience increases your skills.

SKILL FOCUS - Choose a skill. You are particularly adept at that skill.

STALL REACTIONS (ROGUISH TALENT) - Your precise attack momentarily distracts your opponent.

STAND UP (ROGUISH TALENT) - You spring to your feet with surprising agility.

STEALTHY - You are good at avoiding unwanted attention and slipping out of bonds.

TOWER SHIELD PROFICIENCY - You are trained in how to properly use a tower shield.

TRACKLESS STEP - You pass without trace.

WILDERNESS STRIDE - You are not slowed by wild terrain.

WORLDLY KNOWLEDGE - You have heard many tales and listened well to the talk around you, and gained a great store of lore.


BLINDSENSE (RACIAL, DWARVEN) - You can sense where creatures are even when they are not moving.

BLINDSIGHT (RACIAL, DWARVEN) - Darkness hides nothing from you.

BLOCK (RACIAL, DWARVEN) - Your dwarven physique lets you abruptly move to intercept your foes.

DWARVEN DEFENDER (RACIAL, DWARVEN) - Your stalwart build lets you defend others in place of yourself.

DWARVEN ENDURANCE (RACIAL, DWARVEN) - You endure beyond the capacity of other races.

ELVEN PERCEPTION (RACIAL, ELVEN) - You are keen sighted even among the elves.

EYES OF STARLIGHT (RACIAL, ELVEN) - The light of clouded stars is all you need to see.

FIGHTING INSIGHT (RACIAL, ELVEN) - You know your enemies' minds and can prepare for their planned actions.

HALFLING RECOVERY (RACIAL, HALFLING) - You might get knocked down, but you get up again sooner than most.

HALFLING RESILIENCE (RACIAL, HALFLING) - You determination lets you resist ills longer than others.

HALFLING VITALITY (RACIAL, HALFLING) - You are hardier than you look.

HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT (RACIAL, HALFLING) - You need no hiding place to disappear from view.

INDOMITABLE SPIRIT (RACIAL, HALFLING) - You recover faster than other races.

INSIGHTFUL INITIATIVE (RACIAL, ELVEN) - Your insight lets you act faster.

LIGHTS OF THE ELVES (RACIAL, ELVEN) - You can make magical lights to illuminate and dazzle those around you.

LOB (RACIAL, HALFLING) - You can arc thrown weapons over your foes' cover.

LORE OF THE ELVES (RACIAL, ELVEN) - You can pierce the veils of the world and gain insight into hidden things.

MARTIAL WEAPON GROUP PROFICIENCY (RACIAL, HUMAN) - Your broad training includes a handful of weapons which use similar styles and techniques.

MUSIC OF THE ELVES (RACIAL, ELVEN) - You can make magical sounds to confuse and affect those around you.

NEW ENEMIES (RACIAL, HUMAN) - You can learn the ways of new foes as you travel.

NEW LANDS (RACIAL, HUMAN) - You can learn the ways of new lands as you travel.

RETRAINING (RACIAL, HUMAN) - You retrain in more applicable skills as your career develops.

RIGHT ON THE NOSE (RACIAL, HALFLING) - You overcome your lack of strength with precision.

SILENT DASH (RACIAL, HALFLING) - You can dash quietly and quickly while your foes look the other way.

SKIP SHOT (RACIAL, HALFLING) - You can bounce your thrown weapon off an adjacent surface to hit a target behind cover.

SLIPPERY MIND (RACIAL, HALFLING) - You can shrug off mental compulsion.

UNCANNY SENSES (RACIAL, ELVEN) - Your insight prevents enemies surprising you.

UNSEEN DASH (RACIAL, HALFLING) - You can desperately dash, quickly but noisily, between shadows and cover.

WINK OF AN EYE (RACIAL, HALFLING) - Seizing the perfect moment, you can slip out of sight of one distracted enemy.


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