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Rich heroes can hire folk at arms to assist in their adventuring - but those with a high reputation will attract followers who work for free.

Squads of folk at arms can be hired as soon as heroes have enough gold to pay them. Generally no more than one combatant squad may be hired per hero. In addition to pay, combatant squads expect to take a share of spoils. Non-combatant hirelings can serve as porters, camp attendants, etc. There are no special rules for such non-combatant hirelings - but the GM should remember they are likely to refuse to enter dangerous situations, and flee from trouble unless protected by the heroes.

Apprentices are non-heroic NPCs who request training from a hero. You may choose to take on an apprentice instead of a number of followers. One apprentice is equivalent to a squad of followers. The apprentice will carry your excess equipment, and assist you in a limited way on adventures, depending on their class.


When your reputation rises to +1, you may recruit a number of devoted subordinates who assist you.

Leadership Modifiers: Your leadership score starts out equal to your reputation + Cha modifier. Several factors can affect your Leadership score, causing it to vary from the base score. Your reputation (from the point of view of the followers you are trying to attract) raises or lowers your Leadership score:

Leader's Reputation:

Great renown+2
Fairness and generosity+1
Special power+1

Great renown: The leader is well known beyond the mechanics of the reputation score. She has been appointed to a high office in the court, or some similar high status position.

Fairness and generosity: The leader always ensures his followers receive their due share of spoils - and more. He gives pensions to the families of his fallen followers, rewards bravery, and defends his followers' rights in disputes.

Special power: The leader has some magical ability beyond the norm. She may be a warrior with spell casting ability, or a full caster.

Failure: The leader has failed at a great task, such as a quest, or military campaign. This penalty is not applied for simply failing at some skill check, or a single encounter.

Aloofness: The leader acts haughtily and distant towards his followers.

Cruelty: The leader punishes followers particularly harshly, or deals out punishments to innocents without reason.

When you try to attract a follower, use the following modifiers.

The Leader…
Has a stronghold, base of operations, guildhouse, etc.+2
Moves around a lot–1
Caused the death of other followers–1

Leadership Score: Your base Leadership score equals your reputation plus your Charisma modifier. Outside factors can affect your Leadership score, as detailed above.

The level of your apprentice or squad must be no more than your leadership score, so you must have a leadership score of at least 1 to recruit followers. When you recruit new followers, they are level 1. If your leadership score falls below the level of your current followers, they leave, and you must recruit new followers. You may recruit a squad or an apprentice, not both.

Using followers

Your followers' default action is to defend you. If they have no other orders, they will use the aid another action to grant you a Defence bonus of +2. You may direct your followers to take other actions - attacking enemies, retrieving items, breaking down a door, or anything else that is within their capabilities. They will continue any action you've set them until it is complete - after which they will return to defending you.

Creating and advancing followers

A squad starts as three fighters of your race. Apply the squad template to the base fighter.

Apprentices start with a level in any NPC class, and gain heroic classes or NPC classes as you train them.

You do not need to track the XP of your followers - they count as a part of you for the purposes of allotting experience. However, you must spend your XP to train your train them.

As they are also learning from their adventures with you, a follower only needs half the listed amount of XP to advance each level.

As you train your followers, you choose their classes, skills and feats.

For the purposes of advancement, treat a squad as a single character. Squads may only level up in NPC classes.

Squad feats

Defensive line

Prerequisite: Squad

Benefit: When ordered, the squad spreads out to form a line up 10 feet long per squad member, and fights defensively (-4 to attack, but +2 to defense). Any creature attempting to move through the defensive line is threatened with two Attacks of Opportunity, made at +2 flanking bonus.

Normal: A squad's space is that of a creature 1 size category larger than its members, and it cannot grant itself flanking bonuses.


Prerequisite: Squad

Benefit: When the squad would be routed, as long as there are sufficient squad members to form a squad, the squad reforms as a standard action. If there are not enough members to form a squad, those members retreat using their full defensive abilities until they are no longer threatened. If equivalent squad members become available (usually through the break up of another similar squad), then a new squad forms from those members.

Normal: Squad members flee the battle at their maximum speed when routed.

Expanded squad

Prerequisite: Squad

Benefit: You recruit another member to the squad, to a maximum of 5 members.

Special: You may take this feat more than once. If the squad already has 5 members, it is split into two squads of 3 members each.

Shield wall

Prerequisite: Squad, Defensive line, Shield proficiency, squad must have shields (not bucklers) equipped

Benefit: When ordered, the squad forms a wall of interlocking shields, 5 feet long per squad member. This formation provides a special defensive bonus of +4 to Defense, but at -2 to attack.

Normal: A squad's space is that of a creature 1 size category larger than its members. Fighting defensively normally grants only +2 Defense, at -4 to attack.


Prerequisite: Squad, Defensive line

Benefit: When ordered, the squad makes a Combat Manoeuvre Attack check to attempt to surround one target creature. The target creature must be the same size category as the squad members, or smaller. If the attempt fails, it provokes and Attack of Opportunity. If the attempt succeeds, the squad moves into the target's space, and gains a +4 flanking bonus to attack the target. The target may attempt to escape the surrounding squad, but is threatened with two Attacks of Opportunity, which are made at the +4 flanking bonus.

Normal: A squad's space is that of a creature 1 size category larger than its members, and it cannot move into another creature's space.

Feats for squad leaders


Benefit: As long as your social status is perceived to be higher than your target's, you gain +2 to Diplomacy when making demands and giving orders. Social status is usually based on reputation score, but other story factors may influence it.

Additionally, you gain +2 leadership.

Improved Commander <WIP> FIXME <PLACEHOLDER>

Prereqquisite: Commander Benefit: You may add one contingency action to orders given to followers. For example: “Defend the Queen: if you are directly threatened, retreat with the Queen.”

Normal: You may only give orders that cover one course of action.


Because they are the subject of your focused training, apprentices have a special bond with their master.

Your apprentice can use the Aid another action to assist you as a swift action (allowing them to Aid another twice per round).

Apprentices gain your Leadership score as a bonus to Will saves against effect that would cause them to disobey you.

Lastly, your apprentice can act as a bodyguard. If you are about to be damaged by an attack (not an area effect), you may attempt a Leadership check, DC15, as an immediate action (this check represents your apprentice's reaction to your danger, rather than an active check on the part of the master). If successful, your apprentice decides to heroically sacrifice themselves, leaping before you to take the damage in your place. Of course, if your apprentice dies in the manner, your leadership score will be penalised.

Roleplaying followers

FIXME «PLACEHOLDER» There'll be some text here eventually about how followers must be roleplayed, rather than merely exploited mechanically. Yada yada.

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