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Some abilities are not tied to your race, class, or skill—things like particularly quick reflexes that allow you to react to danger more swiftly, the ability to imbue objects with psychic power, or the training to deliver precise strikes with melee weapons. These abilities are represented as feats.

While some feats are more useful to certain types of characters than others, and many of them have special prerequisites that must be met before they are selected, as a general rule feats represent abilities outside of the normal scope of your character's race and class. Many of them alter or enhance class abilities or soften class restrictions, while others might apply bonuses to your statistics or grant you the ability to take actions otherwise prohibited to you. By selecting feats, you can customise and adapt your character to be uniquely yours.


Some feats have prerequisites. Your character must have the indicated ability score, class feature, feat, skill, base attack bonus, or other quality designated in order to select or use that feat. A character can gain a feat at the same level at which he gains the prerequisite.

A character can't use a feat if he loses a prerequisite, but he does not lose the feat itself. If, at a later time, he regains the lost prerequisite, he immediately regains full use of the feat that prerequisite enables.

Feat Descriptions

The following format is used for all feat descriptions.

Feat Name: The feat's name also indicates what subcategory, if any, the feat belongs to, and is followed by a basic description of what the feat does.

Prerequisite: A minimum ability score, another feat or feats, a minimum base attack bonus, a minimum number of ranks in one or more skills, or anything else required in order to take the feat. This entry is absent if a feat has no prerequisite. A feat may have more than one prerequisite.

Benefit: What the feat enables the character (“you” in the feat description) to do. If a character has the same feat more than once, its benefits do not stack unless indicated otherwise in the description.

Normal: What a character who does not have this feat is limited to or restricted from doing. If not having the feat causes no particular drawback, this entry is absent.

Special: Additional unusual facts about the feat.

Feat list


Notes for adjustments to existing feats, or placeholder for unchanged feats.


You've learned to use your quickness in place of brute force when performing combat manoeuvres.

Benefit: You add your Dexterity bonus to your base attack bonus and size bonus when determining your Combat Manoeuvre attack (see Combat) instead of your Strength bonus.

Normal: You add your Strength bonus to your base attack bonus and size bonus when determining your Combat Manoeuvre attack.


You can easily move over and through obstacles.

Prerequisite: Dex 15, Acrobatics ranks 4+

Benefit: Whenever you move, you may move through up to 30 feet of difficult terrain each round as if it were normal terrain.

When your Acrobatics skill reaches 6 ranks or higher, you may move along narrow surfaces at full speed using the Acrobatics skill without penalty, and you are not flat-footed when using Acrobatics to move along narrow surfaces.


You are skilled at attacking opponents that you cannot clearly perceive.

Benefit: In melee, there is no penalty to attack from your opponent's concealment. You must still know the approximate location of the opponent (through sound, touch, or other clues).

An invisible attacker gets no advantages related to hitting you in melee. That is, you don't lose your Dexterity bonus to Defence, and the attacker doesn't get the usual +2 bonus for being invisible. The invisible attacker's bonuses do still apply for ranged attacks, however.

You do not need to make Acrobatics skill checks to move at full speed while blinded.

Normal: Regular attack roll modifiers for invisible attackers trying to hit you apply, and you lose your Dexterity bonus to Defence. The speed reduction for darkness and poor visibility also applies.


FIXME - no check required when threatened


FIXME - 1 extra Opportunity attack


FIXME - imposes minor Friendly or Frightened penalty on targets, acts within Personal range, 1VP per target minimum (+1VP per CR above your level), Will save negates


FIXME - all range categories are increased by half the short range distance


FIXME - select three creature types typical to your conflict or hunting style. When Survival reachs 6 ranks, add another two, and again at 9 ranks.


FIXME - select three terrain types typical to your current area or background. When Survival reachs 6 ranks, add another two, and again at 9 ranks.


FIXME - 10ft move, 2VP to run 5 times move as full round action


FIXME - double effective CON for durations (hold breath, run, etc), major bonus to checks




FIXME - ACP applies only to DEX skills, BCB 4+ speed penalty removed


FIXME - major bonus to damage against objects, and halve hardness


FIXME - major bonus to Initiative & Ref save to avoid WP damage in ambush


FIXME - you have a major bonus to concentration checks made to manifest psychic effects through written mantras.


FIXME - minor bonus in first round, deal damage as if one step larger

Inspire Courage / Competence / Heroics

Medium armour prof

- ACP applies only to DEX skills, when BCB reaches 4 speed penalty removed

Mighty manoeuvres

- major bonus to STR-based CMA and CMD

Mystical aptitude

- grants bonus to use psychic items, use Psionics skill. Not for Psychics.

Persuasive - minor bonus to Deception, Diplo, Intimidate, rising to major at 9 ranks

Precise shot

- no penalty to shoot into melee, 2 VP minor bonus to hit & damage within short range, 2VP to ignore <full cover


- you can voluntarily enter Rage: costing 1VP per round, aggressive & reckless, DR vs physical attacks

Rapid shot

- Non-warrior: multi-attack as a warrior of same BCB. Warrior: reduce VP cost by half (round down)


- minor bonus to Sciences skill, and pick two of First aid, Mechanics, Hardware - rising to major at 9 ranks


- minor bonus to First aid, Mechanics, Survival, rising to major at 9 ranks

Shield expert

- short action provides minor bonus to defence from shield, when BCB 3+ strike with shield at minor penalty each round

Shield prof

- can intercept (cost of Opp attack, or 1VP per die damage), gain full Def bonus

Smart manoeuvres

Sneak attack

- adds 1d4 WP damage, rising to 1d6 at Stealth 6 ranks, 1d8 at Stealth 9 ranks


- grants minor bonus to Stealth, Escape artist, rising to major at 9 ranks. Stealth at full speed at Stealth 6 ranks.


- minor bonus to Hardware, and pick two of Mechanics, Software, Sciences - rising to major at 9 ranks

Two Weapon Fighting

- 2 light = no penalty, 1 light = minor, both 1-handed = major; use a short action to defend, gain minor bonus to Def

Unarmed combat

- deal real damage as if 1 size larger, threaten Op Attacks, minor bonus in first round

Weapon expert

- 1d6 damage, minor bonus to CMA and CMD, major bonus to intimidate

Weapon master

- 1d8 damage, major bonus to CMA and CMD with weapon

Weapon skill

- quick draw, grants minor bonus to hit, 1d4 damage

Wild talent

- select 1 Tier 0 effect. You can manifest this effect at a cost of 1VP (or at normal cost if you have Psychic levels)

Worldly knowledge

- you have Uncanny skill with knowledge checks as if you were an Adventurer who had mastered those skills. The VP cost is doubled. You cannot automatically know Epic knowledge.


Defensive roll

- 1VP, REF save DC damage dealt, halve damage


- short action and 2VP, use INT in place of STR or DEX for attack and damage against one type of enemy, gain minor bonus on all skill checks against that type - bonus lasts until three consecutive successes or 3 failures


- visually sweep an area in line of sight as full round action 2VP, gain extreme bonus to perception to detect traps, security features, guards, etc, minor bonus to stealth and mechanical / hardware against security systems, etc for next 10 min

Action surge

- 2VP to take extra short action


- 2VP to improvise or scavenge appropriate tool or gadget in 10 minutes, higher VP cost for faster

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